Thursday, January 22, 2009

HAPPY VALLEY morphs from daily webcomic to comic book format!

I have talked about HAPPY VALLEY before. You may have heard me in the store, or seen my rantings on myspace, maybe even absorbed my utter disgust in the daily newspaper! Well, just as you thought your children were safe and animals had their place….Here comes HAPPY VALLEY in comic format! A good friend of mine started the idea on a 24 Hour Comic Day. The same 24 Hour Comic Day that started Empire’s Comics Vault wishing they could be involved. From there we have seen even more grueling episode of HAPPY VALLEY exercised through ritual punishment of 24 hours of Hell!

But creator JESSE JONES could not be stopped, would not be stopped. In fact he had been possessed by a demon that forced him to write and draw a webcomic daily through 2008. With those done he has turned to a new medium of punishment. Not for us but for himself!

Check out the cover for HAPPY VALLEY #1!!!! This will be available at Wondercon and at Empire’s Comics Vault in Sacramento, California. For a peek at what you have in store please visit the sites below.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Needs Of The Few Continues!

After a little pause in production we continue with our 48 page stand alone sci-fi comic! Mario Guevara, the artist, has finished his current project and is back on board full time. You can check out Marios previous work on BLOODRAYNE and LONE RANGER & TONTO. His current project for Solomon Kane comics is on issue 3.

Friday, January 2, 2009

1st look at New Sci-Fi Epic's Pages

2009 is here! We have 2 books at the printers and we are preparing our other titles for Wondercon and San Diego Con. Here is a look at that sci-fi anthology I have been talking about. Chris Thompson will be finishing it up very soon and Mark Roberts will be giving these great pages some amazing colors.